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What are the simple things that you find funny?

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 11:30 pm

This Saturday I will giving a presentation at TEDx Stanley Park which will take place at the UBC campus at Robson Square. The title of the presentation is: How Humour Created The World (And Where It’s Taking Us Next) . In it I will be talking about the role that laughter and humour played in the evolution of human social systems, cognition, and language. I will also be discussing my recent work in developing systems of humour in robotics and the prospect of developing humour creation and recognition systems in different forms of technologies including, computers, phones, robots or…well, the list is endless.

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Computational humour development has, thus far, suffered from the lack of understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that humour uses on a practical level. There has been an emphasis on “jokes”, and their nature and structures are poor representations of the fundaments. To try to understand humour through jokes is like trying to understand the entire subject of communication by cutting a telephone in half.

I am greatly looking forward to this presentation and to continuing my work on humour theory and robotics and welcome input in these areas. What are the simple things that you find funny? They don’t have to make you laugh, only to amuse you. The simpler the better.

Thanks for your input – laughter to the people!



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