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With all the research work, coaching and keynotes I am involved in people sometimes ask “So…do you still do any stand-up comedy?” and the answer is a resounding YES!!. I hit the stage at every opportunity at clubs, festivals and corporate events. I am always working on new, fresh and funny approaches and have been involved in street performing, character work, sketch, and improv as well as stand-up comedy.

But stand-up is where I began. I have worked as a professional stand-up comedian since 1986, and headlined at shows across North America, the U.K. and the Caribbean. I try and keep my comedy fun, positive, intelligent and throw in lots of odd insights, accents, impressions, stories, observations and a healthy dose of physical comedy as well. The desire to do a lot of stage time for a lot of different crowds has turned me into a bit of a chameleon in the world of comedy and I’ve got enough range and material to entertain any age group or demographic you could ever dream up. A lot of comedians say “I can work clean” as though they have achieved some odd comedy miracle. For me, it’s how I like to work, it’s not a stretch. What that means is that it is a pleasure for me to work at corporate shows and fundraisers and I can provide custom tailored material to fit with any group or situation. In conference situations it is also possible to arrange a show that blends stand-up comedy with informational/motivational content ….no problem!




Christopher has been teaching stand-up comedy since 2000 and puts on workshops at the YukYuks Vancouver four times a year other at locations across Canada and the UK on a regular basis. The workshops are limited to 9 people in order to ensure one-on-one coaching and cover all aspects of writing, performance and the business of stand-up comedy.

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Places I’ve performed: Just for Laughs; H.B.O Workspace; Vancouver Int. Comedy Festival; Yuk Yuks across Canada; Pantages Theatre, Tacoma; The Comedy Store, London, U.K.; Vogue Theatre, Vancouver; The Improv, L.A.; Princess Casino, St Maarten

People I’ve performed with: Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Williams, Seth Rogan, Russell Peters and many others

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